Tiny Tots

Hi. Hello. Hey!

Happy Friday, all!

Today's post is brief, but pretty sweet, considering my subjects;) Recently, I decided to conquer the DREADED task of cleaning out and condensing the 9 million files on my computer. (Ok, I'm exaggerating...#TeamDramatic, but it WAS a lot. Lol)....Files that dated back at least 3 years or so. (Eek!) While browsing my system, however, I came across some pretty sweet smiles that I just HAD to share! Some recent, some a bit older (hence the pre-rebranding Dream Photography watermark), but the cuteness overload was too much to keep to myself! There's something special about that sparkle in a little one's eye..the candid emotions, the cute little smile that literally melts your heart. I absolutely LOVE those moments behind the lens. Moments that make it all worth it:)

Kick off your weekend with a few smiles from these little ones:)



"Every child is a different kind of flower, and together, they all make a beautiful garden." - Anonymous