Where Will We Shoot? - Favorite Indianapolis Photo Shoot Locations!

So you've booked your session with Dreamland Life. GREAT! Almost always, the VERY next question I'm asked after booking is "Where will we shoot?" I'm glad you asked! Indianapolis has SO many options for shooting photographs; some you may be familiar with, and some you may have never heard of. Below, you'll find a few of my top locations where I absolutely LOVE to shoot. These are in no particular order, but I did want to share to help you as the client gage the possibilities of locations. Of course, this is just a small portion of the endless options, but it's a start, and may help get your wheels turning as far as the overall look and feel that you're desiring for your photo session.

1. Coxhall Gardens (Carmel, In)

Easily one of my favorite shooting spots! Tucked away in a beautiful neighborhood, Coxhall provides a special children’s play area with a miniature village, a gorgeous wedding ceremony area, countless acres of beautiful green landscaping, as well as a massive pond.

2. Indianapolis Museum of Art (Indianapolis, In)

The IMA is located on the Northwest side of Indianapolis, and it is the home of the ever so popular LOVE statue. With gorgeous grounds, beautiful gardens, and the perfect backdrop, it is easy to see why this location is a favorite for many photographers in the area. From seniors to newly engaged couples and more, I love the fact that each session can look completely different at the IMA. Honestly, not much more is required when shooting here, the scenery says it all ;)

3. Broad Ripple Village (Indianapolis, In)

Easily the trendiest spot on the list! With numerous colorful buildings, The Monon Trail, countless bridges, and the cutest little shops, Broad Ripple serves as a perfect touch for a fun and urban vibe for your photo shoot.

4. White River State Park (Indianapolis, In)

AHHH....It's perfect, guys. Just trust me. With the downtown Indianapolis skyline right behind you as the view, the canal waters cascading in the background, the colorful flags, the waterfall fountains and the beautiful gardens, it just doesn't get much better than this, if you're wanting to capture fun moments and portraits outside that incorporate the city.

5. Downtown Indianapolis (Indianapolis, In)

...because you can never really go wrong in the heart of the city! Whether you stop by The State House, Monument Circle, stroll the canal, stop in a local vintage bakery and grab a few pictures, hide away in a colorful alley, the options are plentiful for an urban setting. Both casual and formal settings work perfectly while downtown, depending on the look you're going for. If you're a city gal/guy, you won't be disappointed with this choice.

6. Holcomb Gardens (Indianapolis, In)

If you love nature, THIS is the place for you:) Nestled on the far north side of the Butler University campus, Holcomb Gardens provides a stunning weeping willow tree, a gazebo, a waterfall, and well-groomed greenery. If you're an outdoorsy (totally not a word, lol) type of person, you'll absolutely love it here.

7. Downtown Central Library (Indianapolis, In)

Gorgeous architecture. Lighting that is unmatched. Huge windows. New and old books with gorgeous marble columns as the backdrop. This location is simply breathtaking. Though I do enjoy shooting at all the locations on this list, the library is a personal fav. It's so enchanting! PERFECT for couples, engagement sessions and more :)

8. The Indianapolis Arts Garden/Circle Centre (Indianapolis, In)

This option can serve a few different purposes; you can have the choice of shooting with the city as your backdrop in The Arts Garden or you can even venture into the mall for more of a laidback, lifestyle photo session. With great natural lighting, huge windows, huge lobby areas and sprawling windows, this locations houses tons of hidden jewels that will make your images just what you're looking for. ;)

9. Studio (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Shooting in the studio is always always ALWAYS an option! If you're prefer more of a traditional setting as opposed to outside, if you're looking to grab a few business headshots, if you're wanting more of an editorial/beauty vibe, I suggest the studio for sure. With a variety of backdrops, great lighting, personal dressing room and more, the studio is sure to make you feel right at home, comfortable and ready for an amazing photo shoot.

10. Wild Card! (Indianapolis areas and beyond. *Travel fee may apply.*)

You pick! Though I have photographed at numerous locations in the city, there is sure to be somewhere that I haven't been yet! Remember, this is your session, your memories, your moment...Do you have an idea in mind? A location special to you and your family? That special place where your fiancé proposed? Whatever the occasion or reason may be, I'm open! Just let me know the details and as long as it is within reason, we'll do it!