behind the lens...

Take a look at the picture below.


Seems like a simple maternity picture, featuring a beautiful woman and her baby bump, right? Well, technically, you're right...but to me, this image means so much more. You see, this image was taken during my very first year of full-time photography.  I initially would photograph family, friends, anyone I knew that was interested in having their pictures taken, so that I could build my portfolio...but then something happened. My phone started ringing...people wanting sessions, businessmen needing professional headshots, families needing updated pictures, and so on and so on...So I did the only thing I knew to do. I got to work. But....NO ONE warned me of the amount of work that was required as a freelance photographer building from the ground up.. YIKES! I had NO idea what I was in for. It's so much more than clicking the me. I was up for the challenge, though;) I was nervous, excited, anxious, ready, and most importantly full of hope.  That's the thing about ENJOY what you're doing. Even the not so fun work that's required, you DO it with joy because of your heart for the act. I knew that this was what I was supposed to do. I came alive behind the lens. The exhilarating feeling I'd get every time the flash went off was unexplainable. So no matter what it took, I was committed, and I was confident that I was where I was supposed to be. Finally.

Now granted, I wasn't sure HOW I'd make this thing happen, but I knew I had to try. Can you believe that for the first few months in business, I was actually using a borrowed DSLR camera from a fellow photographer? Yes, you read it right. Didn't even have my own equipment. *covers face*...(Never despise small beginnings, right?) SO many things that I look back on when thinking of that first year; DEFINITELY high moments, but in all transparency, there quite a few blunders as well, but I kept pushing, and I wouldn't trade a moment of my story. Up to my head in tutorials, workshops, paperwork, memory cards,  "practice sessions" and more...I'd say that year was, er..uh... interesting. Whew!... but I had never felt more fulfilled with a career in my life. While my photography journey over the years has taught me many lessons and provided me with memories for a lifetime, I'm embracing the fact that this is just the beginning;)...To be able to daily do what you love? Talk about grateful,

So yes, this picture technically is a maternity image of a woman expecting her sweet bundle of joy, but behind the lens, there's so much more...;)