1. Do you photograph events?

Certainly! Event pricing is available upon request.

2. Why does custom photography cost so much?

It's simple. Your session is customized JUST for you. Each client is given my undivided attention which ensures that the final product is perfectly customized to fit their unique need. I strive to give them exactly what they are looking for and more; from the pre-session consultation to the day of the session, to retouching, to your final delivery of your portraits. A great amount of detail is put into each step of the process, so that you look and feel amazing! :)

3. What should I expect the day of my session?

Lots of fun! Your photo session will not be rigid, it will be fun and relaxed! I am very free-spirited and energetic while shooting, and I'll make sure you feel right at home and comfortable behind the lens. If you’re being photographed with your significant other, family, or friends, just be natural as you normally would be and leave the rest up to me! Some of the my favorite images are the captured and stolen candid moments:)

4. What will happen if there is inclement weather the day of my session?

No worries! Typically, on either the morning of, or the night before we decide how to proceed due to the uncertainty of forecasts. Believe it or not though, cloudy and overcast days are so perfect for pictures. :) If the weather is bad, we will reschedule to the next accommodating date.

5. How do you select your locations?

Once your session is confirmed, we then discuss ideas for your shoot, outfits and locations as well. I am a huge fan of color harmony, so I like to make sure that the selected location matches your style and outfits of choice. It is important for me to know your wardrobe selection prior to your session day, so that I can choose from the endless location options within the city and surrounding areas.  If there is a certain location you request or desire, I am more than willing to honor and respect that, just let me know. As long as you're happy, I'm happy. :)

6. How do I book a session with you? 

Simply slide over to the "Say Hello" tab, and fill out the information! You can also directly send me an email at You will be contacted with further information shortly . Once your date is confirmed, the signed contract is returned, and your session fee is paid, you’re all set and ready to shoot!